Vendor FAQ’s

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What is the overall timeline of our 2021 holiday program?

Our private pop-up corporate stores will start to open Monday, October 18, 2021. Our vendors can choose when they want to exit the store based upon our weekly sales reports. All physical gifts just need to be fulfilled and delivered to Gift Rochester’s central location no later than Wednesday, November 24, 2021. Since we are handling the designing, printing, and distribution of all experience gift vouchers, those vendors can stay in the store up until Friday, November 19, 2021.

Do experience gifts have to supply anything physical?

No. Our team will design, print, and distribute a physical experience gift voucher to each gift recipient directly. This voucher will include the gift details, along with the gift recipient’s name.

When will people receive their gifts?

The goal is for all gift recipients to receive their gifts before Christmas! We will organize, package and ship all gifts by December 3, 2021. Our local pick-up schedule will start Monday, December 6, 2021. You can expect to see gift recipients start to use their gifts anytime after that.

How do the vendors get paid?

Once Gift Rochester provides you with your final purchase order, you will send our accounting department an invoice. All invoices to our vendors will be paid out by mid-December by Gift Rochester.

Can I sell gift cards with Gift Rochester?

The short answer, yes. The downfall, some of our larger corporate clients are not able to give gift cards to their employees. This is why Gift Rochester has created the gift experience voucher program!

Does it cost me anything to sell my products or services with Gift Rochester?

It does not cost you anything to sign up to become a vendor. If Gift Rochester sells your gifts or services to their clients, we charge a commission rate to those vendors. This commission is to help sustain our business model so we are able to bring more business to you in the future.

Is this a consignment?

No. This is a pre-sale program. That means we fill an online store with your product, open it up to our clients, close the store and provide our vendors with their purchase orders. All sales are final.

Is tax included?

Yes. You must factor in sales tax for the gift and experience in the total gift value.

Who pays for shipping?

Our corporate clients will pay for shipping. You just need to provide the flat shipping rate, which includes shipping materials.

When will our quantity available released back to us to sell on our platforms?

This is not a consignment program. We are pre-sale, meaning you can source your gifts and discuss quantity and timeline with your vendors. We do not suggest pre-ordering these gifts unless that is something you are comfortable with. Most don’t. When you chose to exit our holiday store, Gift Rochester will send you the final purchase order.  For physical gifts, you then have a certain amount of time to fulfill and deliver your gifts to our central warehouse.

When will you start submitting orders to us and what is your end date?

We will submit a final purchase order to you 24-hour after the date you chose to exit our holiday store. This will be the only purchase order we will send, however, our team will be providing weekly sales updates to all participating vendors so you can pre-order products if you wish.

Our products are all boxed. We expect that to be the only packaging.

For all physical gifts (this excluded gift experience vouchers), you will need to provide gifts that requested shipping in individual boxes with adequate shipping materials to ensure the gift arrives safely. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions about the shipping and handling requirements.

For all physical gifts requested to be picked up locally, the gifts will be organized and delivered with various other gifts from the same order.  We recommend putting each gift in an individual bag branded with your store name to ensure the gift recipient knows which business was supported.

Our products are seasonal and promotional to Gift Rochester, therefore no exchanges or returns can be accepted.

All sales are final to all of our corporate clients. We will state that in our contract with the corporate client, along with website terms for the person ordering. We did not have an issue with this in the past.

We understand the gifts will be purchased by corporate buyers, not individuals.

For certain programs, yes. For others, the business owner or leadership team is ordering gifts for their entire team. It is truly up to each corporate client to decide how they want to gift local.

Are some of the gifts put in a bag with other vendors’ products and do you assemble those purchases.

Yes, some of our clients will purchase various gifts from various vendors. The Gift Rochester team will collect the gifts from all of our vendors and organize the order for local pick up.  If gifts are shipped, they are shipped to each gift recipient’s home directly.