Store FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stores?

Gift Rochester can curate a private pop-up online shopping experience for your employees, clients or donors, giving them dozens of local gift options to choose from. You set the parameters – type of gifts, budget, themes to consider – and Gift Rochester rallies local vendors to create a personalized online shopping portal.

1. Click on the store below to enter.
2. Enter the private password.
3. Start shopping local.

How can I contact Gift Rochester with questions or concerns?

Please email with questions.

When can I expect to see my gift?

All gifts ordered for pickup will be at Gift Rochester’s fulfilment center for managers to pick up. Manager Pickup will take place between December 6-18 to distribute to employees. You will receive an email to schedule your pickup date/time.

Shipping to individual gift recipients is available on all gifts and experiences. Gifts will ship out on December 6.

Can I get a PDF of the gift catalogue?

No. Unfortunately, due to quantity concerns, there is no PDF. Last year, several items were sold out by the time the manager received the team’s order. This year, we suggest managers share the link and store access code, but not the coupon code. That way the employees can browse the store online and see inventory in real time. 

Can a coupon code be used more than once?

Yes. The coupon can be used on more than one order, as long as a email address is used for each order. 

Where will I pick up the gifts I ordered?

A central fulfillment location in Rochester is being set up. In November, location details will be sent via email with a scheduling tool to set the date and time of pickup.

Can I edit my order?

Any changes required after checkout must be sent to within 5 business days of placing an order. Please remember all sales are final.

Will gift experience vouchers be emailed?

No. All gift vouchers will be paper copies available for pickup or shipping. Technical issues, redemption management and safety concerns all contributed to the decision to use paper vouchers.

Will I receive a separate voucher for every gift purchased?

Yes. For multiple gifts purchased of the same item on the same order, vouchers will be printed in the total quantity ordered. Each downtown business has a list of manager names, employee names, order numbers, and the total quantity purchased for each gift that they will reference at the time of use.

If I shipped my gift, do I need to do anything on my end?

No. The local businesses have received your order, employees name, and address where the gift will be shipped to. Gift Rochester is taking care of all shipping directly, so the only thing you need to do is let your employee know a gift is on it’s way!

Can my employees exchange or return their gift?

No. All sales are final. Any changes required after checkout must be sent to within 5 business days of placing an order.

Can I continue to order these products after Gift Rochester is over?

We hope you love these products! If you are interested in getting additional items, you may contact the downtown business directly.