Sustaining your small business

All you need is local

First and foremost, thank you. We thank you for your hard work and for hanging in during this time of crisis. We appreciate your consideration to collaborate with Gift Rochester: Mayo Clinic Edition. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your business, what you offer, and what you do to a captive audience. Opportunities like this can’t be emphasized enough we had to jump at the chance.


Gift Rochester’s online pop-up shop platform was created with you in mind. This is a challenging time and we want to lend our support in the ways we know best – increasing your brand awareness. Shopping online is one way to create brand awareness and it then allows an opportunity for you to create on-site experiences for shoppers that feature your best products and services. We know every customer matters to you. Please join us in this opportunity to showcase your business, increase traffic into downtown, and create more lifelong connections within the community.


Gift Rochester: Mayo Clinic Edition is developed for managers within Mayo Clinic to purchase items as employee gifts. Please take time and consider what product or service offer would be the best fit for this program!

Qualifying Criteria and Timeline

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